Are you a CNA new to travel?

First things first, let’s get you certified in other states.

Here is information on how to get started…

**This section will be updated periodically. If you notice a link does not work or you learn information for a particular state has changed, then please let us know. We are all in this together! 🙂


States with Free CNA Reciprocity:

Alabama (Reciprocity, facility gets you on the registry)

Arkansas (Must have AR Address)

Georgia (Mail Only)


Iowa (Mail/Fax)

Kentucky (Mail/Fax)

Maine (Same Day Licensure Via Email)

Massachusetts (Mail Only)

Minnesota (Mail Only)

New Mexico (Email, Mail or Fax)

North Dakota (Email, Fax or Mail)


Oklahoma (Mail Only)

Wisconsin (Mail Only)

Montana (Can work temp for 30 days)


South Carolina

South Dakota (Can work 60 days while app in process)

West Virginia


States with Free CNA Reciprocity:


Arizona $50.00

Colorado $10.00 Fee

Connecticut $55.00 Fee

Florida (Fingerprint Fees Varies)

Oregon $60.00 for Application & $64.50 for Fingerprints

Vermont $20.00 Fee

Wyoming $120.00

Paper/Email /Mail Only:

Alaska $330.00 (Can work 120 days, but must have app in process)

California (Fingerprint Fees Vary + Must go to CA to do Livescan)

Delaware $30.00 Mail Only

District of Columbia $15.00

Hawaii $25.00 (Mail Only) Select Route 2

Illinois $25.00 (Mail or Fax)

Indiana $65.00(Mail Only)

Kansas $20.00 (Mail Only)

Louisiana $35.00 (Mail Only) Select Route 8 (Must live within 50 miles of state line)

Maryland $20.00 + Fingerprint Fees

Michigan $20.00 (If on MI Stated-Approved List) List on their website

Mississippi $26.00 Mail Only

Missouri (Exam Fees Vary)

Nebraska ($20.00 Abuse Class Online) Link for class

NE Abuse Class Link

Nevada $50 App + $51.25 Fingerprinting

New Hampshire $82.00 Mail Only

New Jersey $30.00 (Call 1-877-774-4243 to apply)

New York $50.00 Mail Only

North Carolina $120.00

Rhode Island $35.00 Mail Only

Tennessee $20.00 (Mail Only)

Texas (Call 512-438-2050 for application if needed)

Utah $30.00 Mail, Fax or Email

Washington $32.00 App Fee + $32.00 Fingerprints


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